We had a lot of fun here in 2012 and this time will be even better!
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Cody's Yellowstone Regional Airport connects to Salt Lake City, Denver and Chicago. Billings airport connects with Salt Lake City, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Helena, Seattle, Boise, Reno, Sacramento, Tulsa, Sioux City, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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  • Sign up and ride on our Cody Family Float or walk with Cody Banners in the July 4th Parade!! Kids welcome!!
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The Cody Legacy Inn & Suites
1801 Mountain View Drive
Cody, WY 82414 (307) 587-6472

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The Package Deal includes one of everything minus the River Runners Whitewater Rafting, the Bill Cody Ranch Horseback Ride and the Cody Firearms Experience Shooting Range. Package Dealers, use Option 2 to make reservations for those events.
Adults & Seniors $211.00

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Children Ages 6-12 $126.00
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Monday, July 1
10am - 3:30pm

Welcome Registration at the VFW
Robert E. Bottles Post #2673, 808 12th Street

Conveniently located between Bleistein and Salsbury Avenues, 3 blocks north of Sheridan Avenue on 12th Street. There's good parking and clean facilities, with snacks and beverages.

Check in and pick up your tickets, meet and greet your cuzzins and take in our Wild West Poster Exhibit. Free beer and wine after 12pm!

For late arrivals, please contact Dwight Cody at 617-908-6258 to get your tickets and gift bag.

9:30 - 11:30am
River Runners Whitewater Rafting
1491 Sheridan Avenue

Family Fun on the Shoshone River!

Not part of the Package Deal, sign up here!

11:30am - 1pm

Lunch on your own.
Choose from one of Cody's many restaurants!
In a hurry? These are nearby...
1 - 1:50pm
Cody Heritage Museum Tour
Demaris House, 1092 Sheridan Ave.

See exhibits of the local history of Park County and learn how the city of Cody developed.

Monday, July 1
3:30 - 7pm

Registration and Reception at the VFW
Robert E. Bottles Post #2673, 808 12th Street

Conveniently located between Bleistein and Salsbury Avenues, 3 blocks north of Sheridan Avenue on 12th Street.

The satellite photo on the right shows a red balloon at VFW Post #2673 at the top and an orange balloon at the Irma Hotel on Sheridan Avenue near the bottom.

Check in and pick up your tickets, meet and greet your cuzzins and view our Wild West Poster Exhibit over light snacks and beverages. Free beer and wine after 12pm, buffet supper at 6.

Late arrivals, please contact Dwight Cody at (617) 908-6258 to get your tickets and gift bag.

We will depart from the VFW for the Stampede at 7pm, catch a ride or carpool with your cuzzins!

Meet-up at VFW Post #2673
808 12th Street (307) 587-3671

We'll carpool to the arena, please let us know if you need a ride or can accomodate a rider.

It's best to get to the rodeo early, drop off your riders and park as close to the access road as possible for an easy exit.

8 - 10pm
100th Annual Buffalo Bill Stampede Rodeo
North Fork Highway, US Rt. 20/16/14

Real athletes in real competition! There will be a big 4th of July crowd and parking will be at a distance, so drop off your riders and find a space. Then, try to remember where it is!

Otherwise, you'll have to wait till 11, after most people have gone.

Tuesday, July 2
9 - 9:30am

Please bring $2 each
for the collection plate!
Family Sevice at the "Little Poker Church"
825 Simpson Avenue
One of the few churches won in a poker game, we've gathered here many times before.

We depart for the Family Church Service from the Legacy Inn parking lot at 8:45am, please let us know if you need a ride or have seating for riders.

9:30 - 10am

Please let us know if
you need a ride or can accomodate a rider!
Carpool to the Buffalo Bill Dam

We'll meet in the parking lot after the service to carpool up the North Fork Highway, US Rt. 20/16/14, through Shoshone Canyon and the tunnels to the Buffalo Bill Dam and Visitor Center.

It takes about ½ hour to reach the dam.

10 - 11:30am

Buffalo Bill Dam & Visitor Center Tour

When completed in 1910, Buffalo Bill Dam was one of the first concrete arch dams built in the United States. At 325 feet high, it was also the highest dam in the world at the time.

The resulting Buffalo Bill Reservoir inundated the town of Marquette, click for the whole story!

11:30am - 1pm

2 - 4:30pm
Lunch at Bill Cody's Ranch Resort
2604 North Fork Highway, US Rt. 20/16/14

Nestled in the heart of the Shoshone National Forest, our ranch sits along Yellowstone Highway. Whether you are touring Yellowstone National Park or visiting Cody, Wyoming you'll find Bill Cody Ranch's setting perfect for your solo getaway or your family vacation.

Horseback Riding at the Bill Cody Ranch
Not part of the Package Deal, sign up here!
You don't need to be an experienced rider, all of the rides are done at a walk and the horses and the wranglers know the trails. They will take care of you, whether it is your first time on a horse or your 1000th, we want you to experience the West like it should be!

1 - 1:30pm

Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway Motorcade
North Fork Highway US Rt. 20/16/14

Surrounded by mountains, the whole area abounds in volcanic rock formations and wildlife.

Teddy Roosevelt described this route as "the most scenic 50 miles in the U.S."

Watch out for the wild animals, give them the right of way, and wave to the Big Boy!

1:30 - 2pm Tour 1

2 - 2:30pm Tour 2

Pahaska Tepee Private Tour
North Fork Highway US Rt. 20/16/14
Designed by the artist, rancher and philanthropist, Abraham Archibald Anderson, the main building is a 2-story log house facing east, surrounded by 3 porches. The entryway opens to the rustic grandeur of a great hall and stone fireplace, surrounded by mezzanine galleries appointed with trophies, Buffalo Bill's personal suite is upstairs.

The Grand Opening was announced July 5, 1904 and in November, Cody led a large party from his new lodge for a 10-day hunt.

Completed in 1905, Phaska Tepee was opened to tourists attracted to the wonders of Yellowstone.

4:30 - 5:30pm

Return to Cody
North Fork Highway US Rt. 20/16/14

On the way we pass the Smith Mansion, the most unusual house in Wyoming, hand-built by architect Francis Lee Smith.

You can't see the sign, but its for sale.

6 - 6:40PM

Wild Bunch Gunfighters
The Irma Hotel at 12th & Sheridan Avenue

Witness re-enactors stage a Wild West shootout as street theater with a gun safety presentation.

This event is an institution!

6:45 - 8:30PM

Family Dinner in the Irma's Govenor's Room
1192 Sheridan Avenue

Step back in time into the Old West of today! A place Buffalo Bill called "a gem" when he named it for his daughter, Irma, in 1902.

• Slow-Roasted, World Famous Prime Rib
• BBQ Pork or Buffalo Ribs
• Oysters Rockefeller • Fish
• Sweet Potato, Baked or Mashed Potatoes
• Pasta • Gravy • Veggies
• Soups & Salad Bar

Children under 5 are free.

Wednesday, July 3
9 - 10am

Cody Firearms Experience
142 W. Yellowstone Ave. ( US Rt. 20/16/14)
Not part of the Package Deal, sign up here!
• Western History Exhibit
• Kid's Arcade
• Wildlife Display
• Staff-Led, Safety First
• Fun For All Ages

10 - 11am

Old Trail Town Self-guided Tour
See these historic buildings at 1831 Demaris Drive
• Museum of the Old West
• Mountain Man Jeremiah Johnson Statue & Grave
• Crow Scout Curley's Cabin - he served with Custer
• Kid Curry & the Sundance Kid's Mud Spring Cabin
• Hole in the Wall Cabin
• Bonanza Post Office
• Blacksmith Shop
• The Rivers Saloon
• General Store & more

11:00 - 12:30pm

Lunch On Your Own
In business long before the similarly named national grocery store chain, Cody’s Whole Foods is part restaurant, part coffee shop and part health food store. Its a favorite of Ruffin Prevost, click for more of his recommendations!

Just a half block off Sheridan at 13th St., only a block from the Trolley Tour depot at the Irma Hotel.

1 - 2pm
Cody Trolley Tour
Save! The Cody Trolley Tours Combination Ticket includes an action-packed hourlong trolley tour plus a 2-day unlimited access admission pass to all 5 museums of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

We'll embark from and return to the Buffalo Bill Center for the West for the Trolley Tour, free parking!

2:15 - 5:15pm

Use your Combo Ticket!
On Your Own Tour of the BBCW
720 Sheridan Avenue

Now's the time to visit the other 4 museums, we'll tour the Buffalo Bill Museum as a group tomorrow.

5:30 - 7:30pm

Family Dinner at the Cody Cattle Company
1910 Demaris Drive, off North Fork Highway, Rt.14/16/20 across from Old Trail Town

All You Can Eat Chuckwagon Dinner!
Serving chicken, beef brisket, potatoes, baked beans, applesauce, cornbread, caesar salad, coleslaw, brownies, lemonade, coffee, beer & wine.

Includes live entertainment for the whole family!

7:45 - 10pm

Window Shopping on Sheridan Avenue
Sheridan Ave. is also known as "Main St."

Return to small-town America and take a leisurely stroll down Sheridan Avenue to check out all the Gift Shops, hang out at Annie's Soda Saloon, or play a round of Miniature Golf at City Park.

Thursday, July 4
8:30 - 11:00am

Independence Day Parade
The Cody Family and Friends are all invited to march in the parade with the ICFA banner.

Volunteer to join our own Kevin Cody and Kellie Edwards, great-grandchildren of Buffalo Bill, as they march or ride our Family Float!

11:30 - 1pm

Lunch On Your Own
There's food, live music and crafts in City Park!

1 - 4pm


Wild West Extravaganza at City Park
Enjoy the home-town atmosphere at the Wild West Extravaganza!

Food, fun and frolic with live music in City Park!

4:30 - 6pm

Family Tour of the Buffalo Bill Museum
Buffalo Bill Center of the West, 720 Sheridan Ave.

Conducted by Curator and Family Friend, Jeremy Johnston!

We'll see the personal effects, hats, coats, furniture along with the saddles, guns and the Deadwood Stage that he used in his Wild West exhibitions.

6 - 8pm

Dinner at the West Kuyper Pavilion
Buffalo Bill Center of the West, 720 Sheridan Ave.

Hosting local celebrities and officials with cash bar.

No shorts or T-shirts please, more formal attire is requested. Gentlemen, don your sport coats and we'll take a family portrait!

8 - 9:30pm

Please Attend!
ICFA General Business Meeting
Our President conducts the ICFA's General Membership Meeting with Officer's Reports.
  • Dwight Cody, Treasurer
  • Traci Brooks, Secretary
  • Kevin Cody, VP & Reunion Chair
The Q & A session follows.

Next, the President introduces the Advisory Board who will present the nominations and call for seconds before they hold an Election of ICFA Officers for the 2019-21 term.

Founded 1925

9:45 - 10:15pm


Municipal Fireworks Display
After dinner and the general business meetng, wouldn't it be good to get some air?

Join us in the BBCW parking lot for a good view of the fireworks!

10:30 +

After-Party at Cassie's
214 Yellowstone Ave. US Hwy 14/16/20
Call (307) 527-5500

Steve Singer bought and renovated this Cody landmark in 1995 and expanded it to 20,000 square feet, with three levels of non-smoking dining area, a function room, 3 bars, and a big dance floor.

Food from 11am to 10pm, the bar closes at 2am.

Look for their distinctive sign across the highway from the Stampede!

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