exerpted from the Cody Volume 36, No.1 March, 2003
A good time was had by all!
Good weather, good fellowship, and good activities all meant that the 2002 Biennial Reunion of the International Cody Family Association in Florida was a success.
President Kit Cody hosted the event, with the help of other Florida family members, at his Green Gables Inn at Lake Wales.
The four-day event started with a social hour on Thursday and finished with a cookout on Sunday afternoon. In between family members could take advantage of a number of activities in the area. They went as a group to nearby Bok Tower and Gardens. Many also went to Cypress Gardens for its outstanding water show and enjoyed an evening dinner cruise there. A number of other individual activities such as golf and fishing were also available. A family dinner brought everyone together again on Saturday night.
several of the family members who live in a Cody compound nearby.
Several short business sessions were also on the Reunion agenda.
Following church service on Sunday at Hope Presbyterian Church, a cook-out at Green Gables provided more fellowship and a fitting close to the 2002 Reunion.
There was a good representation at the Reunion of family members from both North America and Canada.

Family members stop on a visit to Bok Gardens to look at and take photos of the impressive Bok Tower. Shown are Harold and Delores Thornton, Grayce Cody, Terence Cody, Al Cody, Bertha Cody, Kit Cody, Gerald Cody, and Jim Cody.
In addition, some of those in attendance got a chance to visit with
Mark Your Calendar
For Next Reunion
Mark your calendar now to reserve Columbus Day Weekend in October in 2004. That's when the 2004 Cody Family Reunion will be held in San Diego, CA. Suzanna Cody says that family members on the West Coast are already putting together ideas for the annual get-together there. There's lots to do in the San Diego area. You'll want to be there!
The 2006 Cody Family Reunion will be held in Cody, WY.
Planned activities during the Florida Reunion gave family members a chance to meet and greet each other. At left Gerald Smith, Ron Hills, and Terence Cody chat during the opening night social event. Ron is the new association treasurer. At right Edna and Richard Grosenbaugh and Bertha and Al Cody enjoy the special dinner cruise at Cypress Gardens.
CAUGHT AT THE REUNION: Faye and Wayne Adams visit with Hap Goodman (top left); Hiram Cody, left, and Jim Cody share stories (top right).
Delores Thornton (left) and Suzanna Cody take part in a business meeting (top); Marjorie Smith (left) and Grayce Cody get a chance to visit (bottom).
Lee Norwood, at
right, was commended
at the Reunion
for his dedication to
and hard work on
the family genealogy.
Past President
Harold Thornton,
right, enjoys the
warm Florida
weather during
the Reunion.

From the President

Kit Cody
It was good visiting with all the family members who turned out for the 2002 Cody Family Reunion in Florida. Iím glad we were able to have good weather for the visit and hope that everyone had a good time. The Reunion provides an excellent opportunity for family members to
get together to catch up on each others lives and to swap the latest stories. It also provided time for us, officers and

In addition to
hosting and
presiding over
the reunion
President Kit
Cody was the
chief cook for
the event.
members, to discuss the future of the association and, currently important, its finances. I hope you will all send in your voluntary membership dues using the back page of this newsletter. In addition to helping the treasury it helps us to update the family directory. I hope you will get involved, it is your association.
For those of you who plan ahead, mark off Columbus Day weekend in 2004. Thatís when the 2004 Reunion will be held in San Diego, California. More on this in coming issues of the Review.

Association Officers Elected,
Future Reunions Discussed
Officers of the International Cody Family Association were selected during the 2002 Reunion in Lake Wales. Florida.
Kit Cody will remain as president and Suzanna Cody as vice-president, Linda Cody is the associationís new secretary and Ron Hills the treasurer.
Terry Cody will continue to serve as Executive Director.
At the meeting at which offers were selected it was also announced that the 2004 Reunion would be held in San Diego, CA, and the 2008 Reunion in Ohio, either Columbus or Cleveland.
Discussion at the meeting included ways in which the association might raise funds to improve its current financial situation.
Special thanks were given to Margaret Mabon for her many years as secretary-treasurer of the association, Lee Norwood for his hard work on the family genealogy, and Richard Grosenhbaugh for his work on the newsletter.

During the meeting Linda
Cody, Kitís wife, was elected
association secretary.
President Kit Cody
presides over a
business meeting of
the family association
at the Florida
Reunion. Among
those present were
Gerald Smith, Lee
Norwood, Hiram
Cody, Jim Cody, and
Grayce Cody.

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