Our Cody Family Association was founded October 27, 1925 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. At this event, hosted by Arthur B. Cody with his sons and daughters, 18 Codys voted it into existence.

Overlooking Lake Michigan, the Drake was designed in the Italian Renaissance style by the firm of Marshall & Fox, and when founded in 1920, it soon became one of Chicago's landmark hotels. Tourists visiting Chicago often have high tea as an essential thing to do while in the city. Al Capone's top lieutenant, Frank 'The Enforcer' Nitti, had his office here from the 1930s into the early 40s in a private suite.

The hotel also housed the original studios of radio station WGN, and so through the late-night radio static, the exciting announcement comes, "Ladies and gentlemen, from the Grand Ballroom of the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago, we bring you an evening of beautiful music..."

Report of the Cody Family meeting held at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, Ill. October 27th, 1925. Into a hundred homes throughout the United States and Canada came a little message saying: "There will be a meeting of the Cody Family in Chicago, Oct. 27th, 1925. Come". Immediately Mary Jester Allen, Francis A. Cody, Ernest William Cody, Luther M. Cody and Henry A. Cody said: "Although I have never seen these people in my life, nevertheless I will arise and go." In Chicago, Arthur B. Cody and Hiram S. Cody with their kinsman, Arthur C. Cody, Helen Cody Baker, Francis Cody Sattley, and Joseph- ine Cody Bentley awaited the arrival of unhrealded strangers, who were pictured to them only in imagination. A few days before the date, Cousin Mary arrived, on Monday Oct. 26th, Luther arrived, then on Tuesday morning, Ernest William came as he had announced he would, and without any announcement Francis A. Cody, and Henry A. Cody. Luther stayed with Hiram and they started early to Chicago to meet Ernest William and have breakfast with him. We were to meet as strangers, but a fairy wand waved and we were friends of a lifetime. Ernest William is a big jolly chap, full of enthusiasm, a capable executive and earnest in all that he does, a truly fine fellow. The one great concern to us all was "Will any one else come?" The meeting's full success seemed to hinge on that, so Hiram inquired at the desk if any other Codys had registered. The hotel had posted on its bulletine board "The Cody Family, Room E". Our hearts were cheered when we found that F.A. Cody of Vernon N.Y. and H.A. Cody of Ripon, Wis. were with us. Our breakfast party was our first Cody circle. At ten a.m. we began to gather in the room assigned to us, newspap- er men appeared with cameras and flashlights and our ghastly faces and misspelled names were soon on their way to the evening papers. At last we were alone and around a long council table were seated Arthur B. Cody, President, Ernest William Cody, Vice President, Hiram S. Cody, Mary Jester Allen, Luther M. Cody, Secretary, Josephine Cody Bentley, Francis Cody Sattley, Francis A. Cody and Henry A. Cody, nine members in the first meeting of all the Cody kindred. It was 11.00 a.m. when the President, Mr. Arthur B. Cody called us to order and gave a little talk that expressed his warm interest and support of the movement, and made us feel how big hearted and loving are the descendants of the revered Judge Hiram H. Cody of Chicago. The Meeting was then turned over to the First Vice President, Ernest William Cody, of London, Ont. and Arthur B. left us. Ernest William expressed his pleasure that so many had felt able and disposed to meet, and that such cordial relationship was already manifest, which promised permenent results from our gather- ing.
   The first business was a financial report by Luther M. Cody, which was
read and accepted.  This report showed that between March 1925 and August
1925, $70.00 had been voluntarily contributed and spent for postage, Cody
directories, stationary and genealogical blanks.  There was no money in
the treasury and no indebtedness.  This situation did not please Francis
A. Cody, and he passed a $20.00 bill to the secretary.  Harry A. Cody
followed suit with another $20.00 and Ernest William Cody with $5.00. The
treasury was thus replenished to the extent of $45.00, which Ernest William
Cody will turn over to the Treasurer.

Page Two The next business taken up was Cousin Mary's museum plan and the whole matter was discussed deliberately and at length with the result that a motion was carried unanimously, that: "If the town people of Cody, Wyo. will raise enough money to paint and otherwise externally prepare the two story home of Julia Cody Goodman that stands on four fifty foot lots opposite the Irma Hotel, and if an outside advisory committee of ten are found, then the Cody Family will guarantee to Julia Cody Goodman, a monthly rental of $70.00 per month for one year from May 1st, 1926, and that Mary Jester Allen and her Committee, The Cody Family Memorial Board, will prepare and conduct an exhibition of Colonel William Frederick Cody, Wild West and pioneer relics, for the entertain- ment of tourists to the Yellowstone National Park at an admission price of ten cents or more, pictures, books, etc. to be on sale." This motion was made by Hiram S. Cody and seconded by Luther M. Cody and unanimously carried. The future object is to erect at Cody, Wyo. or elsewhere a fireproof, architecturally suitable, pioneer museum to be a memor- ial to the Cody Family. We learned that already two city blocks in Cody, Wyo. valued at $10,000.00 may be sold and the money used in that town toward erecting a permanent building. We learned also that a taxidermist at Cody, who had one room of stuffed birds and animals charges ten cents admission, and takes in about $5000.00 a season from June 15th. to Novenber 1st. The call for ten men to back the Museum rental for one year was made, and H.A. Cody, F.A. Cody, H.S. Cody and E.W. Cody spoke up at once. A.B. Cody's name was confidently offered and the following names were suggested as very probable backers, L.P. Cody of Grand Rapids, R.A. Cody of Newton, Mass. A.P. Cody of Frostproof Fla. and E.R. Goodman of Denver, Col.. If more than ten are found, the proportionate cost to each will be less than $7.00 per month for one year. When this large matter was disposed off, we adjourned for lunch at 1.00 p.m. Around the table were seated seven Codys, a perfectly united and happy circle. At 2.00 p.m. more reporters came and more flashlights were taken then we gathered around our table. Miss Grace Cody, and Dr. Fred Cody of Chicago, a young dentist, joined our afternoon circle, Dr. Cody could not stay Luther M. Cody as Chairman of the Historical Board, was asked to outline his plan for the collecting and recording of our hist- orical genealogical data. The paln was heartily approved, and the Board was instructed to proceed with it. The great work of the day, writing our Constitution, was now the business before us, and our efficient executive, Ernest William Cody, turned us from our happy visiting and faced us toward real work. Step by step we shaped our charter and by six p.m. we had finished it.

Page Three The main points of the document are: 1. Name "The Cody Family (under it in small type) Descendants of Philip Cody, at Beverly, Mass. 1695. 2. Object "To preserve the records, relics and family identity of this old Colonial American Family, and to promote their unity and friendly relationship." 3. Officers, Besides the usual officers, we have an Honorary President, Mrs. Julia Cody Goodman. Six regional Vice Presidents as follows: 1. Eastern U.S.A. 2. Middle Western U.S.A. 3. Western U.S.A. 4. Southern U.S.A. 5. Eastern Canada 6. Western Canada also a Chaplin. 4. Permenant Boards, viz: The Cody Family Memorial Board, The Cody Family Historical Board. 5. Board of Directors: All the officers, also the Chairmen of the two boards shall compose the Board of Directors, fourteen members in all. 6. Annual election Votes to be cast by mail on Feb. 26th. of each year. 7. Annual meetings. To be held at such time and place designated by the Board of Directors. 8. Regional Gatherings. To be arranged by the several Regional Vice Preside- nts. 9. Dues To be $1.00 annually, those 70 years of age and over and under fifteen years exempt from dues, under 15 yrs. not elegible to vote or hold office.

Page Four After 6.00 p.m. tired but happy and relieved of the great burden, our Constitution, we adjourned. Visting followed as new faces appeared intil at 6.45 p.m. we all gathered in the banquet hall. Eighteen were seated at the long table, Ernest William Cody at the head. Those present were: Ernest William Cody, of London, Ont. Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Sedgewick Cody, Chicago. Mrs. Mary Jester Allen, of Cody, Wyo. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Cochrane Cody, Chicago. Mrs. Josephine Cody Bentley & Mrs. Fred Bentley, Chicago. Miss Grace E. Cody, Chicago. Mrs. Francis Cody Sattley, and Mr. Marshall Sattley and Mr. & Mrs. Hope Cody Sattley of Chicago. Mrs. Helen Cody Baker & Mr. John Cuyler Baker of Lake Bluff, Ill Mr. Francis Cody of Vernon N.Y. Mr. Harry A. Cody of Ripon, Wis. Mr. Luther M. Cody of Frostproof, Fla. Greetings telegraphed to the meeting were from Mrs. Julia Cody Goodman, Los Angeles, Mrs, Josephine Goodman Thurston, Cody, Wyo., Mayor R.C. Trueblood of Cody, Wyo. and Mrs. Luther M. Cody of Frostproof, Fla. Around the long table as we chatted together, spread the pleasent realization thet we were truly one family and that the ties of blood relationship are very strong. A ten year old boy printer in Frostproof will be pleased to know that the story of the "Amco" press was called for and retold (It had been previously told at a dinner at the home of Miss Grace Cody). At the dinner table, standing votes of support and co-operat- ion were given to Mrs. Mary Jester Allen, Chairman of the Memorial Board, and Mr. Luther M. Cody, Chairman of the Historical Board, tendering our assurance and help to them in their respective work. A standing vote of thanks was tendered Hiram S. Cody and his father Arthur B. Cody of Chicago for the wonderful hospitality and the perfect arrangements which they made for our convenience and comfort and which in no small way insured the success of the meeting. Cousin Josephine Cody Bentley urged that, since we have in our family so eminent a divine as Canon Cody of Toronto, that we provide for a Chaplin, and that we ask the Reverend and Honorable Henry John Cody, D.D. L.L.D. of Toronto, Ontario, to serve us in that capacity. The motion was unanimously carried. A motion was made by Hiram S. Cody that an expression of thanks and appreciation be given to Cousin Mary, Cousin Ernest William and Cousin Luther for the weeks and months of untiring time and thought which they have given in order to bring about the

Page Five finding of our scattered families and then the welding of them into an organized clan. This motion was not allowed to go to vote until we had added the vitally important name of Cousin Hiram. This motion was put to a vote by Henry A. Cody acting as chairman and was unaniously approved. When ten p.m. came we were loathe to go. The atmosphere of our Cody Family was too sweet to leave in haste. Cousin Josephine suggested that we sing "Blest be the tie that binds", which we did. As we arose to go we realized in our hearts that the crowd of absolute strangers had become a happy group of old time kindred. It can be truly said that there was not one note out of harmony with the most cordial relationship of a family's inner circle. The convention recommended that our next meeting be held in Cleveland, Ohio next summer, and they urged for nomination in February, the following officers: 1. Honorary President Julia Cody Goodman, Los Angeles 2. President H.B. Cody, Cleveland, Ohio 3. Vice President Ernest William Cody, London, Ont. 4. Secretary XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Josephine Cody Bentley, Chicago. 5. Treasurer 6. Chaplin Rev.H.J. Cody, D.D. L.L.D.Toronto 7. Regional Vice Presidents 7. Eastern U.S.A. F.A. Cody, Vernon, N.Y. 8. Middle Western U.S.A. Harry A. Cody, Ripon, Wis. 9. Western U.S.A. 10. Southern U.S.A. A.P. Cody, Frostproof, Fla. 11. Eastern Canada Dr. W.M. Cody, Hamilton, Ont. 12. Western Canada A. Herbert Cody, Red Deer, Alta. 13. Chairman, Memorial Board Mary Jester Allen, Cody, Wyo. 14. Chairman, Historical Board Luther M. Cody, Frostproof, Fla. The above officers to constitute our Board of Directors. The gathering adjourned at 10.30 p.m. Luther Morrill Cody, Secretary

The International Cody Family Association