Philip sold the Wenham woodlot to Hezekiah and Anna Ober, who lived on Hale St. in the house built for them by her uncle. Hezekiah and Anna were about 39, and pregnant with their seventh child.

His brothers are the witnesses, Nicholas, 34 and Samuel, 27.

Stephen Sewell was Registrar of Deeds, Essex County Salem, Massachusetts, and held numerous public offices: clerk of the special Court of Oyer and Terminer which tried the witchcraft cases of 1692,

Clerk of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Major of the Militia and Justice of the Peace. In the Journals of the General Court of 1738, 500 acres of public land near Salem were voted to his children in recognition of their father's service in Queen Anne's War between the English and the French.

 Phillip Legodey To Hezekiah Ober Recd on Recod Aug 5th 1720
  Know all Men by these Presents That I Phillip Legodey Mariner
Of Beverly  in His Majesties Province of the Mafs Bay in New England
For and in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty two pounds in money in
hand paid to my full content & satisfaction of Hezekiah Ober of the
Town & Province aforesd I said Phillip Legodey Have by these Presents
Bargined Sold and Setover & Confirm unto Hezekiah Ober aforesd
His heirs Exrs Admrs & Afsigns forever ACertain parcel of Upland &
Swamp   Containing five or six acres lying and being in the Township
 of Wenham comon and ajoyning to Said Obers Land purchased of
Mr Daniel Dodge bounded and lying as followeth to aWhite oak the
Norwest bound adjoyn to Stephen Patchs land the Southwest bound
to aStake butting to the Road Easterly on the Road to a White Pine & Northerly
to aBlack Oake To Said Ober His Heirs Exrs Admrs and; Afsigns Tohave
and To hold Occupy & Improve the Same with all the Timber Trees
 Herbage Watercourses & Appertenances & Priviledges whatsoever thereto
belonging or appertaining thereunto to have and to hold as Fee Simple
and  Clear Inheritance forever Further I Said Legodey do avouch my
self to be the Rightful Owner of said Land and have full Power to
make Sale and Convey all the abovementioned Premifses And I Said
Legodey Do by these Presents Bind my self my Heirs Exrs Admrs &
Afsigns to Warrent & Defend the abovesd Ober His Heirs Exrs Admrs
and Afsigns forever In the Peaceable Injoyment of said land from
all Persons or Person whatsoever laying claime thereunto for
 Confirmation to all abovewritten I said Phillip Legody do by these
 Presents acknowledge my self to be fully paid and satisfied for sd land
To Confirm all abovewritten I have hereunto Set my hand & seal
The Twenty second of November In the Year of Our Lord 1720
In rpesence of us Witnefses   Phillip + Legody his marke & aSeal
Signd Sealed & Deved Efsex Salem Novr 22nd 1720 Then Phillip Legodey
presence of us Witnefses the   Conveyer  Personally Appearing acknowledged
Nichl. Ober the foregoing Instrument to be his act & Deed
Saml Ober Cosame Stephen Sewell Juft Peace
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