Philip and Martha’s second son, Joseph owned this parcel on Burying Hill in Chebacco, then a parish of Ipswich, bounded by the road to Gloucester, land of his father-in-law, Abraham Martin, Capt. Adam Cogswell’s land, and the cemetery itself. The "Mr." honorific indicates respect for Abraham Martin as a graduate of Harvard College.

Joseph Codey To William Bennitt recd on recod Janry 16 1723/24
Know all men by thefe Prefents I Joseph Codey of Chebacco in
Ipswich in the County of Efsex in the Province of the Mafsachusetts
Bay in New England Cooper for and in consideration of one hundred
twenty and two Pounds to me in hand paid By William Bennet Junr
of Ipswich aforesd Marriner have therefore sold made everconveyed
confirmed Resigned and Delivered unto the said William Bennett and
his heirs and Excrs adminrs afsignes for ever one acre and three Quarters
of upland in Chebacco In Ipswich aforesd with Dwelling houfe Barn
and Orchard thereon Said Land is Situated Lying and being upon the
hill called the Burying hill in sd Chebacco as it is hereafter Bounded and
contains by Estimation one acre and three Quarters as aforesd betheSame
more or Less bounded westerly upon the Road leading to Glocester Southerly
on Land of Mr. Abraham Martin northerly on Land of Capt. Adam Cogswell
and Land of the Burying Place of sd Chebacco all the sd Land as bounded
with dwelling houfe Barn Orchard and all the Estate Right title Interest
and demand of him the sd Joseph Codey in or unto the Same Shall be

and remain unto him the sd William Bennitt and his heirs and afsignes as aforesd
 To have and To hold all the sd granted premifes with every of the appurtenances
and all the Severall priviledges Profitts Rights and accommodations in on or any
ways thereunto belonging or appertaining for him the sd William Bennett
and his heirs Exrs adminrs and afsignes forever hereafter to ufe occupy Enjoy pofsefs
and Improve as his and their Sure absolute and perfect Estate of Inheritance in
  Fee simple and moreover the sd Joseph Codey Does bind himself his heirs Executors
and adminrs from time to time att all times for ever hereafter to Secure
Warrentize Defend Save harmlefs and Indemnify the sd William Bennitt and his
heirs Exrs adminrs and afsignes in the pofsefsion of all and every of the sd granted
and bargined premifis free and clear from all claims molestations Suits or denial
hinderances or Interruptions which Shall or may arise from any person or persons
else whatsoever Challenging any Right title Interest or Demand In or unto the Same
or any part or parcell thereof and Mary the now wife of Sd Joseph Codey Does yield
 up her Right of Dower in and unto the Said granted and bargained premifes for
confirmation of what is above written the Sd Joseph Codey and his wife has set to their
 hands and Seals this thirtieth day of November 1723
 Signd Seald and dd in presence of us wittnefses   Joseph Codey and a Seal
  William Giddings      Job Giddings    Mary Codey and a Seal
Efsexfs Ipswich Decembr 5 1723 Then the abovesd Joseph Codey personally appered
   and acknowledged this Instrument to be his act and deed
        Examined Before John Appleton J. P.
The International Cody Family Association