Philip and Martha sold their Beverly residence and moved west to Hopkinton. Daniel Buckman, of Wenham is a skilled craftsman, about 25. His wife Elizabeth is a daughter of Thomas Edwards, who sold the parcel to Philip 25 years before. The neighbors, Peter and Elizabeth Wooden sold in 1705 to Benjamin and Anna Dike with their 6 children.

The witnesses, John and William Rogers may be the Reverend John and his son, Captain William. Their Rogers' ancestors came from Coggshall in Essex, England, also home of the Cogswells.

Symondes Epes Esq. was a Major in the militia, a member of the Governor's Council and a Justice of the General Sessions Court, he owned Castle Hill Farm and lived in the Hamlet.

Philip Gody To Daniel Buckman reced.on record Decer 6th. 1723
Know all men by thefe Presents that Philip Gody of Beverly in the
County of Efsex in the Province of the Mafsachusetts Bay in New England
Weaver for & in Consideration of the full & Just Sum of one hundred and
five poundes in good Bills of Creditt of faid Province in hand payd & Secured
to be payed to my full Satisfaction & Content before the Signing & Sealing
hereof Have Sold & do by thefe presents Give Grant Bargin Sell alienate
En____ Confirm & Convey & makeover unto Daniel Buckman of Wenham
in the County abovesd. Cordwainer the Severall Pieces & Parcells of Land here-
after mentioned. viz. - all my now Dwelling houfe & Six acres of Land whereon
Said House Standeth on part Scituate & Lying within the Boundes of faid
Beverly by Estimation about Six acres & Bounded as followeth viz. Southerly -
upon Land of Anna Dike widow & westerly upon the Highway northerly upon
Land of Thomas Edwards Easterly upon Land of Beverly Common & all
Common right or rights in faid Beverly & another Piece viz, a wood Lott in
Manchester bounded in the County abovefaid by Estimation about Six
acres be the Samemore or Lefs bounded as followeth Southerly upon Land
of faid Dikes westerly upon Land of John Coy Northerly upon Land of Jonathan
Dodges & Easterly upon Land of John Knowlton To Have & To Hold to him the faid
Daniel Buckman his heires Exects Adms. & Afsignes forever in fee Simple all the
above Granted Premises together with all & Singulary all the profits privelidges -
whatsoever hereto Belonging or any wayes appertaining free & Clear without
any manner of reservation or after Claim to be had or made by me or -
any of my heirs & moreover the faid Philip Gody doth for himself his heirs
Exects. admins. doth Covenant Grant to & with the faid Daniel Buckman & his
heires Exects. admins. & afsignes, to warrentize maintain & Defend all the above
Granted premises from all perfon or perfons whatsoever Laying any Legall Claim
thereto or any part thereof
and in Confirmation of all above written the faid Philip Gody
Hath Set to his hand & Seal on the fifteenth day of March in the year -
one thoufand Seven hundred & Twenty & two three. 1722/3. the words or rights
Interlined between the 17th. &18th. Lines was Interlined before Signing & Sealing -
hereof.   his marke
Signed Sealed & DD in the presence of us Philip A Gody & a Seal
witnefses. William Rogers John Rogers - Martha X Gody & a Seale
April the 4th Anno Dom 1723. Philip Gody & Martha his wife acknowledged
the within written Instrument to be their act & Deed.
Examined /   Before Symondes Epes Justice peace
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