By this deed, Thomas Edwards(2) granted to Phillip Micodey the homestead, #29, on the map "Beverly in 1700 No. 5." Thomas and Sarah were freehold farmers living nearby. The witnesses, Thomas' brother, Benjamin(3), as well as Andrew Dodge(33) were neighbors.

The witness, Samuel Hardie, physician, is the first schoolmaster in Beverly, his tenure being 1674-1684 when he became a town clerk. Then Mr. John Pearly taught until the proper grammer school began in 1700 with schoolmaster Robert Hale whose father, Rev. John Hale, welcomed Philip and Martha to the Beverly (first parish) congregation.

Daniel Dodge(35) was schoolmaster in 1701, amd bargained with Philip for the Wenham woodlot in 1710. James Hale (brother of Robert) taught in 1704 and successors included John Rogers (witness to a deed?), Henry Rust, William Shurtliff and John Cotton, all Harvard graduates, Pyam Blowers, the minister's son was master in 1720. Surely, one of them probably taught Philip and Martha's children how to write their names.

Stephen Sewall was Registrar of Deeds, Essex County Salem, Massachusetts, and held numerous public offices: clerk of the special Court of Oyer and Terminer which tried the witchcraft cases of 1692, Clerk of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Major of the Militia and Justice of the Peace. In the Journals of the General Court of 1738, 500 acres of public land near Salem were voted to his children in recognition of their father's service in Queen Anne's War between the English and the French.

Thomas Edwards To Phillip Micodey recd. on record March 15th. 1705
Bee it Known unto all Men by these prefents that I Thomas Edwards of the towne
of Ipswich in the Countey of Efsex in his Maj.ties Province of the Mafsachufetts in
New England Yeoman for and in Confideration of the full and Just Sum of Sixty and four
poundes in Silver Money of New England unto us in hand paid before Signing and
Sealing hereof doe bargaine Sell Aliene Afsign Set Over and have hereby with the
Confent and Aprobation of My Now wife Sarah bargined Sold Aliened Afsigned Set over
and for Ever Confirmed unto Phillip Micodey of the towne of Beverly in the Countey
of Efsex Aforefaid his heires Executors Administrators Administrators Afsigns a Certain
parcell of upland ground Scittuate Lying and being within the townfhip of Beverly Aforefaid
and being bounded Westerly by the towne highway Southeasterly by the land of Peter Wooden
and the townes Common and Northwesterly by the land of Me the Said Thomas Edwards
together with a dwelling and Out houfing and fruit and timber trees and all the profitts
priviledges and Appurtenances in any wise thereunto pertaining or belonging To Have And To
Hold the said parcell of land Containing Six Acres together with the Said Dwelling houfe Out
and Appurtenances in any wise thereto pertaining as ye right of Conveyence and will
houfing and fruit trees fences and all Other the profits privileges profits to the Same belonging To Have
& To Hold for Ever to be the ufe and behoofe of him the Said Phillip Micodey his
heires Executors Administrators and Afsigns for Ever free and Cleare and freely and
Clearly Acquitted and discharged of and from all former and Other gifts grants Sales
Mortgages Executions Levies Dowrys Right and title of Dower and all Other acts
and Imcumbrances whatfoever and I the Said Thomas Edwards doe by these prefents
for My Self heirs Executors and Administration further Covenant promife and Engage
unto and with the Said Phillip Micodey his heirs Executors Administrators and Afsigns
that I the Said Thomas Edwards the day of the date hereof am the true and Rightfull
Owner of the bargained premifes being Seized thereof in perfect Estate and Right of
Inheritance and that I have full power and lawful Authority in Mine Owne Name
to bargained Sell and Convey the Same in Manner and forme aforesaid and that I doe
warrent Acquit and defend the Quiet and peaceable pofsefsion of all and Singuler
the Demised premefis and Every part thereof unto the Said Phillip Micodey his
heirs Executors and Administrators for Ever Against all perfons whatsoever laying
any Lawful Claime thereunto whereby Said Micodey or his heires or Afsigns Might
for Ever hereafter be lawfully Evicted out of the pofsefsion hereof as Wittness Our
hands and Seales here unto Afixed this tenth day of November in the yeare of Our         his mark
Lord God Sixteen hundred Ninty and Eight Thomas Edwards & a Seale
Signed Sealed And Delivered       her mark

Sarah Edwards & a Seale
in the presence of us Efsexfs Salem March 15th 1705/6  
Andrew Dodge Then Mr. Thomas Edwards perfonally appeared and acknowledged
Benjamin Edwards this Instrument to be his voluntary act and deed with Severall
Samuel Hardie words blotted out of 13th line
Examd JP Steph Sewell Recod Before Me Stephen Sewell Justice of peace
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