The Dike place and the Wenham line was the northeasterly bound of Beverly's Second, or "Upper Parish".

His grandfather, Capt. Anthony, speculating in the fur trade with Roger Conant and others, commanded the company's ship, sailing between Salem and the trading post. In 1632, he was captured by the pirate Henry Bull, and escaped, but succumbed to exposure in December 1638, while shipwrecked on Cape Cod. His wife, Tabitha, remarried to Nathanial Pickman, a house carpenter, in 1639.

Benjamin's father, Anthony (Jr.), was also a mariner and wed his step-father Nathanial's only child, Margery. Their children were Anthony, Nathanyell, Margery, Jonathan, Mary and Benjamin. He served on the jury to investigate a drowning and so met Thomas Edwards April 1, 1674, and died the year Benjamin was born.

Of real interest here is the reference to "Phillip LeCoadie,", "land of Coadie" and "sd Coadies Land" being named as an abutter in the deed. Also, this deed and Philip's deed both mention an "orchard" or "fruit trees" as part of the property, so perhaps there was a grove of them between the houses, tended by the wives.

The grantor of many deeds, Jonathan(5) Rayment, was a nephew of Capt. Wm Rayment(2), and through his wife Sarah(Woodberry, 50), a brother in-law of the witnesses Jonathan(20) Dodge and Jerusha (Woodbery, 49), she being the widow of George Rayment(8), son of the same Capt. Wm.

Jonathan and Jerusha Dodge were in-laws by his sister Sarah, of the witness Moses Gage, who was a militiaman under Capt. Wm. Jonathan Dodge's father, John(4) and his uncle, William(5) Dodge succeeded Capt. Wm., commanding Beverly's Troop of Horse.

This deed was examined by a son of Rev. John(2) Hale, Robert(9), who graduated from Harvard, taught school, became a Physician, served as a town selectman, a representative to the General Court and Justice of the Peace. He inherited his father's house, now a museum.

   Jona Rayment To Benjamin Dyke recd. on record January 12 1708/9
Know all men these prefents that Jonathon Rayment of ye Town
of Beverly in ye County of Efsex in ye Province of ye Mafsatus
ets in New england Yeoman with ye Consent of Sarah my now wife
for & in Consideration of forty pounds money to us in hand paid to
our full Satisfaction & Content by Benjamin Dike of ye Town of
Beverly in County of Efsex aforesd Cooper have bargined &
Sold & doe by these presents fully freely & Clearly bargin
Sell Aliend afignes Enfeoff set over & for Ever Confirm unto
him ye sd Benjamin Dike & to his heirs & afigns for Ever a Sertain
dwelling House & barn & shop with about two acres & half of Land
beit more or lefs sd Housing & Land being Cituate lying and being
 in ye Township of Beverly Aforesd & being bounded North
 westherly by Land of Phillip Lecodie North Easterly South Eas
ter ly & South Westerly by ye Common Land of sd town Beverly
sd two acres & half of Land being fenced in with a stone wall fence on
 three sides adjoining sd Common Land and ye sd other side with sd Coadies Land
to Have & to Hold ye sd Housing and two acres & half of Land be it
More or Less as before stated & defcribed as allso ye Common Right
belonging to sd place & from ye date hereof to be unto ye proper use & benefit
of ye sd Dike his hers & asfigns forever furthermore I ye sd Jonathan Rayment
Doe Covenent to & with ye sd Benjamin Dike his hers & afigns yt I am
ye true & Right full owner of ye bargined premifses & have full power in my own
name to bargin sell & Convey ye same in manner aforesd & doe by these
presents binde my Self my hers & afigns to warrent aquit & defend ye
posesfion thereof unto him ye sd Benjamin Dike his heirs & Afigns for
Ever & against all other persons Laying Lawfull Claim thairunto
whatsoever in witnefs hear of I doe set hearunto my Seal it is to be under
stood yt I have sold ye Orchard standing on sd land in witnefs heareof
I doe set hearunto my hand & Seal this tenth day of December in
ye year of our Lord God on thousand Seauen handred & five 1705
Signed Sealed & Delivered in ye presence of us witnefses Jonathan Rayment and seal
Jonathen Dodge Moses his Gage marke
her mark Efsex mark beverly Decemb? 10th 1705 Sarah Rayment and seal
Jerusha Dodg   then Jonathan Rayment person
Examd ally appeared & acknowledged the within Instrument to be his act & deed
Coram mo Robert Hale Justice of ye peace
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